Premiere 2022 – Worldwide unique CRUSE LED Flash Lights

One warmup phase, scan 11 modes with one table movement. Accelerate the acquisition of 3D surfaces tremendously

3D scanning

3D scanning for capturing the surface shape and texture is a demanding task. For a useful result, it requires at least 3 to 4 scans with directional light.

 Even more scans are needed for colour, gloss, and special texture effects. In conventional workflow, this is a time-consuming process, also demanding multiple manual operator interventions.

CRUSE Flash Lights

Introducing CRUSE Flash Lights overcomes these disadvantages. The completely all-new developed LED lightning system optimizes the luminance efficacy (4 x brighter than conventual system). The enhanced colour spectrum (CRI 96) guarantees the most natural colour rendering with less noise.

Integrated lighting scenarios

The CRUSE Flash Light System integrates all lighting scenarios needed for normal and Factory (3D) scans, electrically switchable without any manual operator interventions. Thus, up to 11 lighting modes can be scanned in a single pass. This results in an accurate pixel precise alignment of all scans, with a tremendous saving of time.

3 different angles of incidence

Modes include: Left and Right, 3 diffuse (texture) modes left, 3 diffuse (texture) modes right.

2 left light angle modes (-45°, +45°), 2 right light angle modes (+135°, -135°).

Color fidelity

Colour fidelity  is achieved by using a combination of high CRI LEDs. The sophisticated temperature management uses 150 sensors for monitoring the LED temperature. Monitoring and controlling is a real-time process, guaranteeing the crucial constant temperature. Functional interaction of all components ensures the high CRUSE standard using CRUSE Professional Profile (ΔE than 1).

CRUSE Flash Light + Design Studio

 The functionality of the CRUSE Flash Light system is completely integrated in the CRUSE Design Studio software. So, for the operator there are no noticeable changes in the scanning workflow.

By selecting the scan-modes needed, all passes and the corresponding flash programs are computed by the software.

All scans are captured simultaneously and made available for further steps of the CRUSE Design Studio workflow, either single mode scan, Image Stacking (overlay of different scan modes), or Factory (3D surface calculation).

Convince yourself of the outstanding features of the CRUSE LED Flash Light System by arranging a presentation, and also find out about the options of upgrading your existing CRUSE scanner system.

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