Portal Scanner

A New Milestone for Scanning Oversized Originals 

With the Portal Scanner series, we are able to scan very large originals in high resolution and homogeneous illumination. Through orthoscopic imaging, we guarantee distortion-free digitization of originals in sizes of more than 2 m (78 in) in both dimensions.  

The original is scanned in strips using so-called portal technology, and these strips are stitched together in real time. This is made possible by consistently having high precision in both the optics and in the driving movements. The scanning processes and the portal technology are fully automated and do not require any user intervention.

Completely new possibilities due to the camera head that can be rotated by 90°, so this scanner can scan in both the X and Y directions. With this function, even more different lighting variants can be generated, which not only offers more possibilities for the photometric calculation of the 3D surface.

The Portal Scanner series can be produced in different sizes and is therefore adaptable to the unique needs of the customer. Contact us for more information.