CRUSE Image Manager (CIM)

CIM Enterprise is an easy to use app to view multi-gigabyte image files in unimagined quality. Upload/download files to/from a server within seconds, and view, comment, compare (split-view) them on your iPad in highest resolution with the DeepZoom function. Organize users and groups, categorize and tag images, share your files for productive workflow organization. Offline and e-mail functionality extend your options. Observe your images with fellows or customers by means of permanent access. Experience the maximum in functionality in this Enterprise version.

  • Functionality after registration on
  • backend account for any number of image files (according to license fees)
  • Deep Zoom function in the app and the backend
  • download function
  • offline function
  • administrate users and groups
  • categorize and tag images
  • share images within groups and with users
  • comment your images
  • compare images in split-view screen
  • send images by e-mail
  • upgrade options for number of images
  • server / cloud solution
  • tools for marketing research and analysis
  • unlimited iPads, unlimited users (according to license fees)

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