CRUSE Spezialmaschinen GmbH

World’s leading manufacturer of 2D + 3D surface scanners

CRUSE Spezialmaschinen GmbH, a medium-sized company located in the heart of Europe near Cologne, is the world’s leading manufacturer in the area of high-end scanners to capture of large-format originals in excellent quality in the 2D and 3D area. Our focus is on the highest image and color quality.

Since 1979 CRUSE GmbH has been the first address worldwide for the decor, printing and packaging industry, for archives, libraries, photographers, artists and museums, as well as cadastral and surveying offices. 750 CRUSE scanners are used in over 30 countries worldwide and are supported by our specialized service team with all questions, updates and upgrades.

Accepting the challenges of the new markets / requirements and implementing them in high quality is part of everyday life for our highly qualified development teams from the area of hardware and software. With the new Factory 3D + Hybrid products, we are at the cutting edge when it comes to calculating 3D height information from scanned templates for true-to-life reproduction in the decor industry.

In order to maintain our high quality standards and to supply our customers with competitive high-performance scanners – we orientate ourselves solely to the individual wishes and requirements of the customer – we produce almost 98% by hand in-house. We have an extreme vertical range of manufacture. That is why we can really be called manufacturers.

Our daily incentive to develop new innovations in the field of high-end large format scanners and the associated software applications and to implement them in a way that is marketable and extremely user-friendly for our customers stems from our irrepressible passion for the latest scanning technology.
We love reality!

Our 2020 Innovations

  • Upgrade ST Scanner to ST 4.0 – Hardware upgrade improving scanning-quality 
  • Design Studio 2.4 – Improved standard software application 
  • Factory 3D – Improved professional software application
  • Hybrid 3D – Revolutional add-on to CRUSE Factory 3D with even higher depthscale while capturing more high quality details 
  • Surface Design powered by AVA – Application for creating and customizing designs
  • Image Manager – Manage, comment and share your Images on mobile devices
  • Image Manager 3D – The spectacular extension for 3D visualization of your designs on the Web

We also imagine very well that quality control systems will be another crucial factor for sustainable growth. Innovation means listening to markets and customer needs. Your feedback and comments are key to stay one step ahead of our competitors. Please contact us:

Synchron Table

Innovative large format scanners for the application areas of decor and design industry, art reproduction, museums and archives. High end digitization in 2D + 3D


Standard oder
High Resolution KiT

Neue extrem hochauflösende und rauscharme Kameras.




Neues REAR Light

Für noch eindrucksvollere Texturen und dramatische Schatten auf Ihren Scan-Vorlagen.



Zum ansaugen nicht plan aufliegender Vorlagen.


Upgrade sicher

Das einzigartige modulare Design des CRUSE-Scanners ermöglicht die einfache Integration von Updates



Ihre Originale werden mit konstanter Geschwindigkeit unter den Lichteinheiten bewegt und zeilenweise vom Sensor erfasst.


Light Angle Device

Mit den einzel montierbaren Lichtablenkern erzeugen sie verblüffende Textur- und Schatten-Effekte.



Dieses neu entwickelte Sicherheit-System schützt Ihren Scanner und ihre Vorlagen vor Beschädigung.

The completely redesigned Synchron Table 4.0 Scanner (ST 4.0) has been further developed to meet the specific requirements of the decor industry and enables fast, high-quality, reliable and extremely user-friendly, decorative surfaces of natural wood and stones, wallpaper, textiles, etc. as well as its 3D Capture and output surfaces. The detailed recording of material surfaces – incredibly close to the original will inspire you. Create brilliant designs for floors, furniture, ceramics and many other applications. Let yourself be surprised by new technical innovations such as the high-resolution CMOS Low Noise Sensor and our new software packages.

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Synchron Table Light

Our entry-level scanner has been specially developed for the requirements of the ceramics and decor industry. The fixed scan resolution for a maximum scan size of 84 x 120 cm is 300/600 ppi.

Portal 2D + 3D

The CRUSE Portal 2D + 3D scanner was specially developed for the detection of flat originals such as decors, papers, cards, wallpapers or leather. The 2D + 3D variants offer an efficient workflow.

3D Photostation

High degree of automation and full flexibility in the creation of 3D visualizations. With the CRUSE 3D Photostation you create 3D models, high-quality packshots and 360 ° product animations.

Synchron Table ST 85-T + ST 135-T

The perfect medium size scanners without any quality compromises in all application areas

NEW: CDS Printer Calibration Module

Usage as a color measurement device for ColorGate possible

Application Areas

Fine Art Reproduction (3D Prints), Decor and Design, Archives and Libraries, Museums, Repro Service Providers

Scanner Typ: CS 85 ST-T

Scan area: 60 x 60 cm

Scanner Typ: CS 135 ST-T

Scan area: 120 x 60 cm

Application areas

  • Fine Art Reproduction
  • Decor and Design
  • Archives and Libraries
  • Museums
  • As well as all related Repro Service Providers


  • 15K CMOS Line Sensor
  • Fixed Resolution 600 ppi
  • Copy Board with Magnetic Stripes
  • Max. object weight 30 kg
  • Max. original height 15 cm
  • Light Modes: Left + Right, Texture Effect
  • CRUSE Professional ICC Profile
  • Integrated Controller
  • Light Angle Device


  • CRUSE Design Studio with Image Stacking
  • Factory with CPS

Samples + Downloads

Visualize your designs on the web!

The revolutionary add-on to the Image Manager: Present your designs with 3D data, lighting simulation and gloss effects on the Internet. Change the lighting and gloss effects in real time. Look at your design from all angles and convince your customers with a completely new way of presenting.

Navigate in the main menu to areas that are of interest to you.
Use the lower scroll bar to navigate through the samples in the Viewer.
Use the icons or the scroll wheel to zoom the template in and out.
Using the buttons in the info window, you can display the template in different modes or download the scans after registration

Operation of the 3D viewer


Hold down the left mouse button and rotate it with the mouse pointer over the template.

Zoom in and out

Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.


To move the template in the window, hold down the right mouse button and move the template.

Software applications

Design Studio

Contains all the software you need to control your Synchron Table and innovative software apps for further data processing.

Image Stacking

Mix scans interactively until you get a color-accurate and natural-looking new design for a once-scanned original.

Factory + Hybrid 3D

Hybrid 3D combines the advantages of the two established 3D calculation methods Photometric Stereo + Stereo Photogrammetry.

Structure Simulation

Using the structure simulation, designers can create, edit, and calculate 3D structures associated with their printing and creative process. Create accurate simulations of embossing, blown vinyl effects, fixed gap and puff printing effects.

Create + Repeat

Create and Reapet offers the freedom to turn creative inspirations into true-to-life products with a variety of brushes, tools, filters, and vector options, while providing high-precision, real-time rendering.

3D Viewer

The completely new way to present your designs in all-round views from different angles and light simulation. An easy-to-use tool that shows even the largest amounts of data in a matter of seconds. Try it out!

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