Structur Simulation

(only for Mac)

Just load files from Factory / Hybrid 3D or Image Stacking

Using an interface, you can quickly and easily load, edit and present files from your projects in Image Stacking, Factory / Hybrid in Structure Simulation.

With Structure Simulation, designers can create, edit and calculate 3D structures associated with their printing and creative process. Create accurate simulations of embossing, blown vinyl effects, fixed gap and puff printing effects, and more.

The Surface Designer works well with depth, color, and gloss data created in Factory 3D or Hybrid 3D. This allows designers to create their own structural effects or reuse and re-integrate archive structure files. The tool can also be used to troubleshoot pre-production files. This unique product enhances and accelerates the design process and significantly enhances design communication between design teams, engraver and manufacturer.