Image Stacking

Scan templates that you only have for a short time. With Image Stacking you can quickly and easily create surprising and high-quality new designs quickly and easily from existing scan data.


Our Image Stacking software is designed to give users the easy way to overlay individual scans of the same template to create a new mix.

To do this, use our scan software to create a group scan with various texture scans, which are then automatically loaded with Workflow Process in Image Stacking for further processing.

The storage requirement compared to Photoshop is much lower, since not all files need to be stored in memory at the same time. Exports can be converted to a freely selectable output color space. Our optimal standard CRUSE RGB color space is included.

Creating new designs


By using the sliders, you create a new, real mix of your scan templates.

Alternatively, you can also move the mouse pointer over the surface in the direction of the 3 loaded templates (A + B + C). The changes will be displayed immediately.

Scan data library

You have the possibility to remix 3 scans each. You can find more scans depending on how many scans you have made in the group scan in the Image Libary. Simply drag and drop another scan with different texture or light settings into the blending area and move the knobs to get a new look.

Fine adjustments

In the Fine Tuning section, you can move the individual scans (A + B + C) pixel-precise to produce an even more exact mixture. Select the letter of the desired scan and use the arrow keys to adjust its settings. You can repeat the process with each scan until you get the result you want.

Image Stacking Demo