CRUSE Service

We offer the following options for the maintenance of your scanner

BASIC 2019

1. Remote Visual Service (RVS) = online help via Teamviewer

Monday to Thursday: 08:00-17:00 and Friday 08:00-14:00

Eight hours of service hotline per year, remote diagnostics, small software updates, operator assistance

2. Spare parts agreement

Replacement of any defective scanner components, except glass parts (such as lenses, lens filters, glass plates, etc.). Spare parts availability is guaranteed to package holders, also ten years after purchase of the scanner.

Handling and shipping of spare parts, as well as working hours and travel expenses of our technician, will be charged additionally. Prerequisite for the replacement part agreement, is an one-time scanner check, preferably by our local technician. If you order a service package in connection with a scanner maintenance, we offer it at 50% of the normal price. Alternatively, the scanner check can also be done via a remote connection.


1.  Remote Visual Service (RVS) (see Basic)

2. Spare parts agreement (see Basic)

3. One scanner maintenance per year

Quality assurance of your CRUSE scanner on site (quality inspection, maintenance, servicing, maintenance of mechanical parts). Additional work beyond the above mentioned, we will charge according to our current rate for technicians (= 150 €/h net).

The price includes travel costs up to 500 km for round trip. For more than 500 km for round trip, we charge travel expense, and hotel of the technician according to actual costs.

We only offer service packages for a term of five years.

For more information about our service packages, please contact our service: