Quality Inspection

Inline Quality Control with CRUSE

There are various manufacturers of 2D & 3D image capture devices on the market and numerous software solutions for defect detection within inline quality control.

Often, these suppliers cannot provide customer-specific complete solutions

  • Capture the sequence with the desired specifications (image capture)
  • Evaluation of the collected data (software)
  • Construction of the appropriate structure (hardware)
    from one source.

CRUSE is well known worldwide for its expertise in the detection of surfaces and projects in 2D and 3D. Due to the enormous production depth, customer-specific solutions can be created during the inline  surface inspection.

For this purpose, a team of experts is available knowing both, the existing image capture devices in the market and who develop customized solutions through their own software department, as well as the complete solution as a machine constructor installed at the customer’s premises.

Everything from a single source!

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