Options and accessories

Synchron Table 4.0 + Synchron Table Light

  • Variable Resolution

    The high-resolution, vertically movable camera head enables scan resolutions from 240 to 1,600 dpi and more. The closer the camera head approaches the original, the higher the resolution becomes. The movable lens in the camera head automatically takes a position for maximum sharpness in the scan results.

  • Texture Effect

    An optional switch off of the right or left light source allows the recording of three-dimensional effects. Due to the changed lighting situation, textures or elevations on the original can be made visible by shadows.

  • Variable Texture Effect

    Reinforcement of the texture effect by different horizontal position of the lamps.

  • Light Angle Device

    Option for directional illumination of templates whose structures are both horizontal and vertical. The light deflector can be mounted modularly on the lamps without much effort.

  • Additional lamps front and back

    Especially for the requirements of the decor industry developed additional lighting variants.


  • Vacuum table

    Scanning table with infinitely adjustable vacuum device for priming documents. As a result, templates that do not lie flat can be sucked.

  • Variable Reproduction Angle

    The variable reproduction angle allows a recording of the smallest structures or gloss on templates. A horizontal movement of the sensor allows a realistic viewing angle from different positions. This makes even the smallest differences on the surface visible in the scan results.

  • LED Rear Light

    The Rear Light option is an additional temperature-controlled LED light source that produces a strong 3D effect in the scan results. The very flat light emphasizes the horizontal structures of the original with shadows, creating a unique look.


  • Security-System

    Protect your scanner and your valuable templates with the new security system. The system constantly checks the distances between the lamps and their originals during the scanning process. If your valuable document comes too close to the lamps, the Security-System immediately stops scanning and prevents collision with the LED lamps and damage to the scanner and original.