Scanner with vertical table guide and various special equipment

CRUSE manufactures scanners for very special requirements. The quality of the image data with relatively small file sizes exceeds what has been known so far and is considered to be groundbreaking. State-of-the-art reproduction technology offers a look into the past – old maps and plans, historical documents, even large-format e.g. Original records from the cadastral and surveying system, precious documents, paintings, textiles and other valuable originals are reproduced on different materials in unprecedented quality. In this way, the works that artists, architects and scientists of past centuries have left us with are revived. In addition, a CRUSE scanner replaces other drum scanners in repro quality, since the originals are captured without intermediate steps and without illumination or handling problems.

These high-performance scanners of the ST series with up to 2 x 3 meters scanning area are ideal for capturing valuable documents, e.g. Paintings.

Our scanners meet the special requirements of museums. The vertical arrangement of the template plate on the Synchron Table allows valuable archival materials to be scanned contact-free and extremely gently. With the variable texture effect and different light settings, scan results are achieved with maximum protection of the originals, which come extremely close to the original when a reproduction is desired.

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