Fine Art reproduction

Non-contact, template-friendly scanning with CRUSE scanners

Our ST-scan technology has been developed for the special requirements of art reproduction and has proved to be the best scanner for capturing paintings, watercolors, oil paintings, graphic collections, collages, sculptures up to 18 cm in height (thickness) and art of any kind. For this purpose, scanners with variable resolution are available in various sizes. In art reproduction, reprints which are as close to the original as possible become more and more important, and illuminations is naturally expected not only in the width, but also over the entire length of the document.

Thanks to our texture effect, textures of the entire document area can be captured. This texture effect can be variably configured, so that the dramaturgy of plasticity can be adjusted between flat to very steep.

ST scanners meet all practical needs: non-contact scanning; perfectly even illumination of the original, and direction of lights. Up to 12 different program-controlled light combinations show even the finest structures with minimal light exposure of the original. Maximum sharpness and 100% parallelism is delivered even with large drafts. A compensation program for picture frames allows scanning framed pictures up to a frame height of 20 cm. Several scanner sizes for models from A0 to 200 x 300 cm size or larger are available on request.