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On 11/03/2016, Formicum CEO Gunther Bigl was invited for discussions in the CRUSE HQ in Wachtberg to plan the launch of a new hybrid 2D-3D-Scanner. The “3D Photostation” is the latest innovation of CRUSE. Previously known as a market leader in the 2D area with self-developed large format scanner like the CRUSE “ST-Series” or the CRUSE “Wall scanner”, the scanner specialist is now entering the third dimension.

“The CRUSE 3D-Photostation will have a huge impact on online trading and the market for product photography”, says Gunther Bigl, CEO of the Leipzig company Formicum.  “Due to the high degree of automation, the customer can create product photos, 360° animations with a number of levels, as well as full 3D color models – at an unbeatable price”, so Bigl.

Together, Formicum and CRUSE will be represented on the RapidTech/FabCon 3D 2016 exhibition (14th – 16th June) in Erfurt, Germany and present the 3D Photostation.

Expected in early June 2016, the CRUSE 3D Photostation can be seen at Formicum in Leipzig.

Gunther Bigl -

With the unique CRUSE Fine Art Scanner, it is now possible to reproduce art originals in a way that artists and gallery owners have long been waiting for.

I decided to use a CRUSE scanner, because the scans are extremely close to the original.
The brushwork and impasto paint spread are reproduced to the smallest detail and the material structures are very well visible.

The quality of CRUSE Fine Art scanner leads to a unique reproduction of the originals.

The software is very easy to use. I have been using the scanner for more than 10 years and I am still very happy with the results that are printed later as art prints, canvas prints or on aluminum.

My company focusses on excellent reproduction of paintings, graphics, archival materials, motives for the decor industry and more in comparable reproduction quality. The reproductions are made on  CRUSE Scanner 285 ST. With the perfect illumination of CRUSE, it is possible to obtain a maximum of depth of focus, which reduces editing to a minimum.

bilderreich - Wilfried Frietsch FINE IMAGE