CRUSE Portal 2D + 3D

Generate a 2D color image and 3D surface structures in one step

The CRUSE Portal 2D + 3D scanner was specially developed for the detection of flat originals such as decors, papers, cards, wallpapers or leather. The very high optical resolution makes even the finest structures and details clearly visible and enables a convincing high-end scan for further processing.

The two 2D + 3D variants offer maximum user comfort and an efficient workflow. In addition to the RGB color scan, 3D height information of the surfaces can also be generated in the form of a height map – in one step!

CRUSE offers several models for different requirements. The scanner variants differ in the optical resolution, exactness of the height information and scanning speeds.

Samples + Downloads

Use the lower scroll bar to navigate through the samples in the 3D Viever.