Generate 2D color images and 3D structures in one workflow

The CRUSE Scanners Portal 2D + 3D have been developed especially to capture flat originals, e.g. decors, papers, maps, wallpapers or leather.

Even extremely fine structures and details are clearly visible thanks to the very high optical resolution and provide an excellent high-end scan for further processing.

Both 2D + 3D versions guarantee a maximum of comfort in usage and a more efficient workflow.

Besides RGB-color scan, also 3D height information of the surfaces can be generated in a height map – in one single step!

CRUSE offers several models for different requirements. The scanner variations differ in optical resolution, precision of height information, and scan speed (see data sheet).

CRUSE Portal 2D + 3D in 15µm

Camera option 1

  • More accurate scans with more details

  • Suitable for very flat materials such as wallpapers and fabrics

  • Less reflections and shadows caused by diffused light and tunnel lighting

CRUSE Portal 2D + 3D in 30µm

Camera option 2

  • Faster scanning by 105mm strip width

  • Significantly higher depth of focus (10mm max. detectable height range)

  • Also suitable for wood, ceramics etc.

CRUSE Portal 2D

Camera option 3

  • The CRUSE Portal 2D allows to scan a template of 100 x 100 cm with 600 dpi in about 7 minutes

  • The camera uses a trilinear RGB CCD sensor with 7,300 x 3 pixel

  • The individual images are automatically stitched