VRA (Variabler Reproduktionswinkel)

Durch die Eingabe des Aufnahmewinkels können Sie die Vorlage auch unter verschiedenen Betrachtungswinkeln einscannen.


VTA  (Variabler Texturen Modus)

Sie können die Beleuchtung automatisch versetzen und damit die Texturen (Schattenwirkung) der Originale beeinflussen.

Advanced with VRA & VTA modes

Cruse CSx software controls the entire scanning process and offers a wide range of settings such as size, resolution, viewing angle, lighting, shadow effects, group scanning and many others functions.

CSx is already being used in over 700 scanners installed worldwide and is being continuously developed and expanded. We are able to respond flexibly to customer requirements and connect to the maximum quality of scanning and color by simplified usage at the same time.

  • The user is given all possibilities for the design and automation of scanning workflows.

  • The CSx Software delivers raw survey data. Thus the scan result is an “actual” scan, which is not “software produced”. This raw data can be edited and represented as required by the customer.


Automated re-setting of all flexible components.
Various illumination modes can be selected.
Modes can be assembled in groups.
Automatic pixel matching and white balance per mode.
Focus (sharpness) is set automatically, you only need to enter resolution and object thickness.
Several selection frames are available, e.g. to scan different objects all at once in different target files.
File names can have a wide range of variable fields, e.g. sequence number, time etc.
The the built-in post-processing interface allows any other formats/sizes.
Scans can be automatically loaded into Photoshop or other programs.
Job profiles allow the storage of different parameter combinations.
Color adjustments and changes of histogram are possible during scanning.
Embedding an ICC color profile in each scan or automatic recalculation to an output color space

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