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    Raw Scan Data CS 85 ST-T CS 135 ST-T

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    2D Data via Design Studio

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    3D Data via Factory

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    Touchstone Software Interface

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    Edited Scan-Data


2D CRUSE Design Studio

App based Software Framework

Easy and efficient project management

Guides the user through, and controls the scan workflow

Manages hand over of the projects between applications

Customizable pre defined workflow templates for recurring

similar jobs

3D CRUSE Factory

Captures any material for physically basedcrendering (PBR) applications.

Scan the original in the 4 Lightangle Modes, each with a different Light direction

Hand over these scans to the Factory software

Factory analyzes the files and computes Depth & Diffuse Color

How it works with Touchstone

Newest CDS version automatically reduces resolution, inverts depth data & combines colour and depth into one file.


Available Types

CS 85 ST-T  Scan area: 60 x 60 cm

CS 135 ST-T Scan area: 120 x 60 cm


CS 85 ST-T L 189cm W 80cm H 203 cm

CS 85 ST-T L 257cm W 80cm H 203 cm

Custom made Scanners on demand 


15K CMOS Line Sensor

Fixed Resolution 600 ppi

Copy Board with Magnetic Stripes

 Max. object weight 30 kg

Max. original height 10 cm

Light Modes: Left + Right, Texture Effect

Light Angle Device

CRUSE Printer Calibration


CRUSE Design Studio with Image Stacking

Factory incl. CPS

Can be installed by customer

Wanna give it a try ?

Use the lower scroll bar to navigate through the samples in the 3D Viever.


Martin Paffrath
Jens Becker